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Episode 101 - Sauropods

November 28, 2020

Is there a group of dinosaurs more iconic than sauropods? Famous for their ridiculously long necks, their global success, their astounding diversity, and of course for their unparalleled size, sauropods have fascinated and puzzled people for centuries. In this episode, we’ll explore what makes sauropods and their ancestors special, and we’ll talk a bit about how they functioned at truly colossal scales.

In the news: strange-jawed sharks, ancient walruses, dinosaur demise, and the oldest blindsnakes.

Time markers:
Intro & Announcements: 00:00:00
News: 00:07:00
Main discussion, Part 1: 00:38:30
Main discussion, Part 2: 01:04:30
Patron question: 01:42:00

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