The Common Descent Podcast

Episode 137 - Fossilization

April 16, 2022

We talk about fossils a lot on this podcast – every episode, in fact – but we rarely take the time to discuss how fossils get the way they are. This is a crucial subject, because the fossilization process is a filter, and nothing comes through the filter unaltered, and many things don’t come through at all. In this episode, we talk about how fossils typically form, how we study this process, and why it’s so important for paleontologists to understand fossilization.

In the news: giant croc tracks, injured dino footprints, evolution in cities, and ancient snakey-ness.

Time markers:
Intro & Announcements: 00:00:00
News: 00:04:00
Main discussion, Part 1: 00:41:00
Main discussion, Part 2: 01:16:00
Patron question: 01:52:00

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