The Common Descent Podcast

Episode 138 - The Moon

April 30, 2022

It's an easy mistake to think of the Moon as a simple accessory to our planet, but the Earth and Moon are a close-knit pair, and the Moon influences everything from our tides to our magnetic fields to the brightness of our nights. All life on Earth has evolved in the presence of the Moon, and so life on Earth can't be fully understood without considering our cosmic companion. In this episode, we discuss how the Moon influences life past and present, and what we know about the deep history of the Earth-Moon relationship.

In the news: pterosaur colors, a glowing spider, deformed pollen, and a long-toed tetrapod.

Time markers:
Intro & Announcements: 00:00:00
News: 00:04:00
Main discussion, Part 1: 00:36:30
Main discussion, Part 2: 01:16:30
Patron question: 01:55:00

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