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Episode 142 - Phytosaurs

June 25, 2022

Take a walk along the waterways of the Late Triassic, and you could easily think it was a world full of crocodiles! But in fact, those are not crocs, but phytosaurs, a group of predatory reptiles that represent not only one of the oldest groups of carnivorous reptiles to achieve a near-global distribution, but also one of evolution's most famous cases of convergent evolution. So, what features did phytosaurs share with crocs? Where did they differ? And just how croc-like were their lifestyles? Listen in and find out!

In the news: dinosaur belly buttons, tiny frogs, snake venom, and giant dwarf crocs.

Time markers:
Intro & Announcements: 00:00:00
News: 00:05:45
Main discussion, Part 1: 00:41:00
Main discussion, Part 2: 01:11:30
Patron question: 01:47:00

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