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Episode 72 - Plesiosaurs

October 19, 2019

The oceans of the Mesozoic were home to a lot of fascinating sea predators, but perhaps none weirder than the plesiosaurs. Four giant flippers, tiny tails, and heads that ranged from enormous death traps to tiny noggins atop ridiculously long necks; there’s truly nothing like them in the world today, which makes them quite the prehistoric puzzle. In this episode, we’ll discuss what we know about them and what questions remain unanswered.

In the news: sauropod beaks, croc snouts, the last mammoths, and mold pigs!

Time markers:
Intro & Announcements: 00:00:00
News: 00:04:00
Main discussion, Part 1: 00:34:00
Main discussion, Part 2: 01:03:00
Patron question: 01:35:30

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