The Common Descent Podcast

Episode 76 - Horse Evolution

December 14, 2019

The evolution of horses is a classic story, first because it is a beautiful example of evolution in the fossil record, and second because of how our scientific perspective of this story has shifted over the years. From the tiny forest-dwellers of the Eocene, barely recognizable as horse-relatives, to the mighty domesticated animals we know today, we’ll unpack what we know – and what we thought we knew – about horse evolution.

In the news: dinosaur teeth, alligator tools, ancient embryos, and dinosaur heads.

News: 00:05:00
Main discussion: 00:37:00
Mid-discussion break: 01:15:00
Patron question: 01:47:30

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We made an appearance on The Science of Pokémon to talk about - what else? - fossil Pokémon!

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