The Common Descent Podcast

Episode 87 - Ceratopsians, the Horned Dinosaurs

May 16, 2020

From massive Triceratops to tiny Psittacosaurus, few dinosaurs are as famous, charismatic, or commonly preserved as ceratopsians. In this episode, we’ll follow this group’s evolutionary journey from little bipeds to horned behemoths and discuss some of the biggest scientific questions about their history, their identification, and of course their magnificently adorned noggins.

In the news: the Tully monster, very strange mammals, dinosaur hunting habits, and the tail of Spinosaurus.

Please pardon our audio issues in this episode.

News: 00:06:00
Main discussion: 00:42:30
Mid-discussion break: 01:17:00
Patron question: 01:51:30

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