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SciFest in St. Louis

September 30, 2018

Will and David recently attended SciFest: Rock, Fossil, Quake! This was an event held at the St. Louis Science Center in collaboration with the Washington University School of Medicine.

The event brought scientists and science enthusiasts face-to-face to talk about geology, earthquakes, and - most exciting for us - fossils (mostly dinosaurs)!

In this episode, we recount some of our impressions and favorite parts of the event, and include interviews with six dinosaur paleontologists who attended the event. You'll hear from:

Dr. Ashley Morhardt, Washington University
Dr. Andy Farke, Raymond Alf Museum
Dr. Denver Fowler, Badlands Dinosaur Museum
Dr. Casey Holliday, University of Missouri
Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler, Dickinson State University
Josh Matthews, Burpee Museum

Huge thanks to all of the above - and everyone else involved in the event - for a fun day of science outreach!

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