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Sloth Chat Livestream 2018

March 19, 2019

In April 2018, we hosted this Sloth Chat Livestream!

Following up from Episode 24 (Sloths), we were joined by sloth scientists Ryan Haupt and Robert McAfee to answer audience questions about sloths, living and extinct!

For anyone who didn't (or doesn't want to) watch it on YouTube, here it is in audio format for your listening pleasure!

You can also still watch the original recording on YouTube:

Find Ryan:
Twitter: @haupt

Find Robert:
Twitter: @DocSloth

Hear Ryan and Robert discuss sloths on Science … Sort Of:

Hear Will and David chat with Ryan on Science … Sort Of:

Keep up to date with modern sloth conservation with the Sloth Conservation Foundation, founded by Dr. Becky Cliffe, the one sloth scientist who didn’t make it to our Sloth Chat:

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